Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Every Woman

Pearls Jewelry From as far back in time as you can think of, pearls have been adorned by women of substance. The stunning statement pieces in pearl present endless possibilities hence have been able to adapt and re-invent itself with changing times. From elegant and formal to fun and flirty, a pearl can be effortlessly […]

The Glittering Future of Jewelry Industry

Poised for a great future, the jewelry industry today boasts of €148 billion of global sales and is expected to record a growth of 5-6% annually. Jewelry has never really been affected too much by recession; however the slight slowdown has now given way to voracious customer demand that has never been experienced before. It […]

Fashion Jewelry Inspiration from the Women on Top

Every product needs a perfect brand ambassador and who better to endorse it than a celebrity who already rules people’s hearts. Jewelry industry is no different in this regard. Famous personalities have always been hired by jewelry designers to showcase their eclectic new collection each season. These beautiful pieces of finery look their best when […]

Valentine’s Day Decorator

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I put together a few V-Day looks for your perfect date night out! Since I’m not a big Valentine’s Day decorator, I thought I’d fall back on this one this year. Again. (Shhh, yes I re-posted it last year, too. When I say I don’t decorate for Valentine’s […]

Using Charms in Jewelry

Making charm jewelry is fun, versatile and easy! There are literally hundreds of charms to choose from, giving you numerous options for creating a customized piece you’ll love. Here are a few of our favorite charm projects to be inspired by. Which will you make next? Charm Expandable bracelet: A popular trend is expandable bracelets. […]

The Slave Bracelet Styles

As I wrote in my last post visit, I absolutely love jewelry – the bigger and more ornate – the better. And as the product of East n great grandparents, it’s no surprise that my very favorite pieces are those . It’s hard to deny their beauty – the craftsmanship is delicate and exquisite, the […]

The Charms of Love

Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated across many parts of the world from east to west. We wear red. Hearts and love motifs adorn the walls of shops and restaurants, malls and social media pages. We think of chocolates and roses and romance. Lover’s music fills the airwaves; and we secretly hope for those two little […]

Buy Wholesale Jewelry Supplies To Save Money

Jewelry is one such thing which no woman can live without. These days, women would want to create their jewelry pieces themselves. Hence, they keep the required material ready with them. Though the material for jewelry making is not very expensive, still buying wholesale jewelry supplies makes a lot of sense, as you can buy […]

Murano charms

Having charms is great. The allow you to hold on to one item that has a lot of sentiments for you. One item that means a lot if not everything. Charms hold value because they are unique and bought because they can be custom made to suit the desires of the one form whom they […]